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Alexandra, 24

My life had been in a chaotically wandering state. I wasn’t particularly happy. I was constantly looking for answers, then giving up, then searching some more. I wasn’t determined. However, my will to improve my life, and to finally get rid of all the filth created by the low vibe state I was in bacame more meaningful than just staying in my confort zone. After suffering a lot from the loss of people that were very dear and close to me, and after struggling with hypochondria ,I felt the need to be normal. Then came the PSYCH-K and the Emotion Code sessions. A new way, a new approach to shifting emotions and dissolving fear! Wow! Those sessions! Peace of mind, joy, and reconnecting to myself. That was my new way that I needed so much. YES! IT WORKED! It was at that moment that I realised that God works through people.

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Ilinca, 16

I found our online sessions quite refreshing. They helped me see things differently. I found myself talking to a friend who was willing to listen to all my troubles, and help me overcome them by means of some amazing techniques. Thank you for being by my side!

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Diana, 19

Initially, I never imagined that just some meetings could ever change my way of thinking and my approach towards various situations I was dealing with. I’ve been attending to these counseling sessions since September 2018, and I can state that I experienced major shifts. I think differently now, and my personality has changed to the better. Prior to the sessions I used to be easily affected by people’s remarks. As time and counseling sessions passed, I learned that I should be more selective with people’s comments. In the time frame of almost two years, I became more detached in situations that would normally make me feel bad, and I also managed to get over things that weren’t according to my expectations. I became more selective with the world around me, and I understood how to manage a challenging situation. The counseling sessions helped me think more clearly, and they helped me find an educational path that sheds light on my strenghts. Most times, after challenging situations, I was eagerly waiting to go to the counseling sessions in order to feel better again. I had the feeling that these sessions were my mental support, and a certitude that all of my negative thoughts and scenarios were only in my mind. This is how I managed to get over moments of uncertainty more easily, given the fact that prior to the sessions I had been struggling with panic attacks. I learned how to use various relaxation techniques in order to overcome nervousness and uncertain situations. The atmosphere was always friendly and welcoming, and I would always leave full of energy, even though I would arrive exhausted. I warmly recommend! Before getting better, you are inspired to be better!