The Emotion Code™

Past incidents that caused intense emotions, even if they occurred a long time ago, they can still affect us due to ”captive emotions”. These are electromagnetic emotional energies that carry an electric charge that persists in our body. The Emotion Code™ is a simple approach that was designed to solve these problems in a manner that is both efficient and effective..

Eliminating harmful emotions leads to solving physical health problems, stopping self-sabotage, and dissolving the blockages that occurred in one’s inner and social life.

The Beneficiary of the Emotion Code™ sessions leaves behind that unwanted emotional baggage consisting of captive emotions such as: Abandonment, Anger, Confusion, Betrayal, Fear, Failure, Hopelessness, Panic, Disgust, Vulnerability, Pride, Despair, Anxiety, Shock, Worry, Nervousness, Shame, Humiliation, Indecisiveness, Overwhelm, Frustration etc.

An approach developed and perfected by

Dr. Bradley Nelson – lecturer and holistic therapist