Privacy policy

General presentation

The protection of users’ data and their actions is our priority. We make every effort to ensure that all information from users will remain confidential and will not be used for purposes other than those intended. We respect your rights, which is why we are very careful when it comes to privacy.

Information collection

Through Google Analytics, the website collects information such as: location, sex, age, demographic data, affinities, the device from which the page is accessed, language spoken, behavior, browser used, internet provider, technology used , products / services purchased, value of products / services purchased, IP address, time spent on the site, bounce rate, behavior in the pages of the site, the average number of pages visited, but also information about the traffic contained in the Google Analytics tool. All this information can be compiled and presented to third parties, this being done in accordance with GDPR rules.

Use of personal information

Personal information about you will not be sold, rented, alienated, borrowed, exposed or otherwise disclosed to third parties, unless there is and is expressed in writing the user’s permission in this regard. There is the possibility to use personal information only for the subsequent contact of the user, at various time intervals, for issues directly related to our site

Public access area

We inform you that any personal information published by you in the public access area of ​​the site (blog section) may be collected and used by third parties over which we have no control.

Prohibited for users under 18 years

The website is not intended for users under the age of 18. We do not consciously collect information from users under the age of 18.

Data security

We have designed technical and organizational security measures, which have in view the protection of users’ personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that our security cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons through the use of advanced information media.

Changing internal policies

The privacy policy may be modified by the owners / administrators of the website if they consider this measure necessary. Users will receive notifications regarding any changes made, so that they are constantly aware of details about the type of information collected and how to use it.

About cookies and personal data processing through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads tags

Cookies are used within the site, to allow users to modify the way web pages are displayed according to personal preferences. These changes are also retained between sessions. Various aspects related to both the functionality and the graphic display of the pages can be modified and retained in this way. For more details, see the dedicated page called “Cookies Policy”.

In the pages of our site, through a remarketing tag (conversion tag) and a conversion code (received from Google AdWords and / or Google Analytics), cookies and information that uniquely identifies a browser are collected. web on a specific computer, laptop or mobile device. This information cannot directly identify a person. The Google remarketing tag collects this data to display advertisements on Google Display websites and in Google Search.

Remarketing tags and conversion codes provided by Facebook are used to display ads to users who come into contact with our website. Like Google’s remarketing tag, the Facebook Ads tag collects information and cookies that can indirectly identify a user in order to provide them with advertisements.

When users visit a page of the website that contains the remarketing tag, the browser cookie they use is added to a list for remarketing. This remarketing list is actually a set of cookies generated by one or more remarketing tags. Google AdWords uses these cookies to display sponsored ads on the websites of the Google Display Network and in Google Search to those users who have visited the pages of the website

If you do not agree to take over and collect this data regarding your sessions